Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce…Community Development Award

        For more than forty years Lehigh and Northampton Transportation Authority (LANta) has been an engine for community and economic development throughout the greater Lehigh Valley region. As our demographic, business and residential patterns shifted so did LANta’s response in providing bus service. Today LANta serves some five million riders a year. More than 50%…


Armando V. Greco Maintenance Facility

October 22, 2013 was a major day in the forty-year history of Lehigh and Northampton Transportation Authority. The dedication of its new $14-million state-of-the-art maintenance facility was crowned by its naming for long-time Executive Director Armando V. Greco. Named LANta’s first executive director in 1977 the young Villanova University engineering graduate laid the groundwork for…


The New Garage

In mid April, 2012, the LANTA Board of Directors, representatives of the Federal Transit Administration, PennDOT and invited guests and employees, gathered for the groundbreaking for a new garage and maintenance facility at the Allentown headquarters, 1060 Lehigh Street, Allentown.  Here it is 18 months later and the same group has been invited to a…


Encouraging ridership

The last newsletter was the first article in a series that highlighted a department at LANta and reviewed cost saving efforts. Each department is doing their part, and this week we go in depth in the Marketing and Publicity Department and have found they are working diligently to achieve cost savings in through addressing certain…


When it snows

When snow and ice hits the streets, and eventually it will, driving may once again be treacherous. The Cities and PennDOT do a good job of getting out early and removing snow and treating ice, but inevitably at some point with a major, and sometimes with a minor, storm, driving gets tough. People must get…


New Garage Upgrade Progresses

If you have been by the LANTA Allentown Offices off of Lehigh Street over the past three months you would have seen construction underway for LANta’s new state-of-the-art maintenance garage. This 18-month, $13 million project is being funded by grants received from the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) and PennDOT.  The modern facility will improve the…