MAP-21 Passed to Fund Transportation

Since the Eisenhower Administration established transportation in the 1950’s as a major federal funding element of the national budget, ‘surface transportation legislation’ has been produced by Congress roughly around every 6 years to further the build out the national highway system and, as local needs expanded to include public transportation, freight, rail and alternative transportation,…


40th Anniversary Poster

Click here to see an excellent rendering of the 40th Anniversary Poster LANta Commissioned earlier this year by local artist, Paula Yoo, to commemorate the Authority’s 40 years of continuous service to the Lehigh Valley Community.  The poster depicts a number of milestones and major accomplishments that the Authority achieved along this four decade route.…


A Successful Launch for LANtaFlex service

One major service change implemented as part of the August 29, 2011 service restructure was the introduction of the first LANtaFlex service.  The Route 501 – Macungie/Alburtis Flex which serves the Lower Macungie, Macungie and Alburtis areas. LANtaFlex is a reservation based flexible service which is open to the general public. LANtaFlex service operates within…


There’s an app for that . . .

EDIT: This app has been discontinued. LANta now uses myStop Mobile for Android, Apple, and Blackberry. Click here for more information. We’ve been working on an ‘app’ for the LANtaBus real-time schedule information for some time now and we are sure our customers have been impatient with us.  During these ‘austere’ times, we searched far…


How Green is our Valley?

Ran across this article not too long ago: London Bike Share Program not as “green” as had first been reported. The article is interesting in that certain statistics and functional activities were ignored in trying to make this project appear to be contributing greatly to reducing emissions and providing alternative transit. China has similar projects…


The History of the Bus

LANTA’s 40th anniversary brought to mind the question, how far back does public transportation go?  So we did a Google search and found out a few things:Following their initial inception, buses took some time to catch on as a serious mode of transport.Blaise Pascal, yes, the French Philosopher, invented the first public transit system in…


BRT … Is that something to eat?

Government is infamous for throwing around acronyms. In transportation, BRT is shorthand for Bus Rapid Transit, a transportation node that is part of the long term vision for public transportation in the Lehigh Valley laid out in the Moving LANTA Forward strategic transportation plan the Authority adopted last year.  It’s a term applied to public…


Community Awareness Vol 4 Issue 14

Among LANta’s goals annually, is to reach out to as many people in the community as possible to ensure everyone is aware public transportation is available.   We also want to emphasize that the green effects of taking public transportation are many including: ·        Reduce air pollution ·        Reduce the amount of money spent on personal…