Commuter Benefit

Not many people – neither employees nor employers – are aware that the federal government has tax benefits in order to encourage employees to commute by public transit. These benefits are in the form of tax incentives for businesses to subsidize the cost of bus tickets and passes for employees that can be written off…


LANta Awarded $14.4-Million

An upgraded garage at LANta’s Allentown headquarters and an Intermodal Transportation Center in Easton, PA, have been fully funded through federal grants announced in a visit by Federal Transit Administrator in Allentown on Tuesday, October 19. Federal Transit Administrator Peter Rogoff visited the Allentown headquarters of Lehigh and Northampton Transportation Authority (LANta) Tuesday, October 19,…


LANTA Implements New Route Structure

On August 29, 2011 LANta implemented the new LANtaBus route structure. This service restructure affected all LANta fixed routes by introducing a new route designation system, consolidating day and evening routes, introducing evening and Sunday service to new areas and implementing LANta’s first general public flexible feeder service, LANtaFlex. The restructure increased the amount of…