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Effective: September 5, 2017

Thes service changes are now in effect.

Changes are being made to Route 323. Route 604 is being eliminated.

Please note that these changes go into effect on 9/5/17, the day after Labor Day. There is no LANTA Bus, Van, or Flex service on Labor Day in observation of the holiday. For more information, please see our Holiday Service page.

Route 323

Timetable | Map

  • Eliminating some trips
    • Northbound – the 8:40 AM, 1:05 PM, and 9:45 PM trips will no longer operate
    • Southbound – the 8:00 AM and 12:25 PM trips will no longer operate
  • Remaining trips have slightly modified start times
  • Route no longer enters the Promenade Shops. Service is provided on street on Center Valley Parkway
  • Provides service in Corporate Parkway on both Northbound and Southbound trips


Route 604 – Ending Route

Due to operational this route is being eliminated.

Service is still available from South Bethlehem to Broad & Guetter on routes 102, 105, 108, 212, and 215.

Effective: September 4, 2017

Please be advised that in observation of Labor Day there will be no LANtaBus/Van/Flex service on Monday, September 4, 2017.

Local service is available between Allentown-Bethlehem-Easton for $2 for local trips on Trans-Bridge Lines. Visit our Holiday Service page for more information.

Effective: 8/14/17

As a result of traffic pattern changes in Catasauqua Borough, LANtaBus Route 103 will no longer service a number of stops beginning Monday 8/14/17 and will be undergoing modified routing. Route 103 will no longer service stops on Main Street, Bridge Street, Front Street, and 2nd Street in Catasauqua.

Route 103 will now make use of Pine Street to travel between West Catasauqua and North Catasauqua.

For Northbound service, trips will travel from Mickley Road to Pine Street, across the bridge, and continue on to normal routing.

For Southbound service, Route 103 will travel from 4th street to Pine Street, and follow Pine to Mickley Road and continue on to normal routing.

The following stops will not be able to be served by Route 103. Some of these stops are still served by Route 319 which will not be affected by this change. Riders are recommended to utilize Route 319 or travel to stops on either Pine Street, Mickley Road, or 4th.

New stops will be installed on Pine Street in the coming weeks.

Stop Direction Name Served By
3185 NB Main St & 4th Ave  
3195 NB Main St & 2nd Ave  
6089 NB 1st Ave & Allen St 319
6056 NB Bridge St & Columbia Ave 319
6057 NB Bridge St & Lehigh St 319
6058 NB Front St & Race St  
6059 NB Front St & Union St  
6060 NB Front St & Mulberry St  
6061 NB Front St & Wood St  
6092 NB Front St & Church St  
3224 NB Front & Bridge St  
3213 SB 2nd St & Bridge St  
6144 SB 2nd St & Church St  
6141 SB 2nd St & Wood St  
6142 SB 2nd St & Mulberry St  
6143 SB 2nd St & Union St  
6140 SB 2nd St & Race St  
6091 SB Race St & Front St  
3214 SB Main St & 1st Ave  
3215 SB Main St & 2nd Ave  
3216 SB Main St & 3rd Ave  

Effective: 7/31/17 until further notice

Due to construction on Brodhead Road in Lehigh Valley Industrial Park IV, LANtaBus routes 217, 319, and 327 will be detouring around the construction area.

Click here for an interactive example map of the detour routing. The normal route for routes 217, 319, and 327 are provided along with the detour in effect.

The construction will be shutting down two-way traffic on Brodhead Rd. and buses will be detouring in an attempt to service the Industrial Park in the interim. Please anticipate delays due to changing traffic patterns during the construction period. Due to the construction a number of bus stops will be unable to be served by routes 217, 319, and 327, including stops in the industrial park, as well as the Bethlehem Square Giant.

A summary of the detour is provided for each impacted route along with specific turn by turn directions. Additionally, the following stops are unable to be served in the interim:

Stop # Stop Name Routes Serving
5422 Broadhead Rd & Rabold Cir (Ns) 327 only, no 217 or 319
5513 Brodhead Rd & Rabold Cir (Ns) 327 only, no 217 or 319
5423 Broadhead Rd & Miller Cir (Fs) No Service
5514 Brodhead Rd & Miller Cir (Ns) No Service
5424 Broadhead Rd & Mowrer Dr (Fs) No Service
5515 Brodhead Rd & Mowrer Dr (Ns) No Service
5425 Broadhead Rd & 2550 Corp Plaza (Ns) No Service
5516 Brodhead Rd & Fed Ex (Fs) No Service
5426 Broadhead Rd & Opus Way (Fs) No Service
5517 Brodhead Rd & Opus Way (Ns) No Service
5519 Brodhead Rd & Tracy Ln (Ns) No Service
5429 Broadhead Rd & Fritch Dr (Ns) No Service
5520 Brodhead Rd & Fritch Dr (Ns) No Service
5430 Broadhead Rd & Rt 191 (Ns) No Service
5521 Brodhead Rd & Rt 191 (Fs) No Service
5055 Bethlehem Sq & Giant 108

Route 217

For Northbound trips, Route 217 will serve LVIP IV from Rt.512/Bath Pike to Brodhead Rd & Commerce Way. From there, it will take Commerce Way to return to Rt.512, and then take 22 East to get to Rt.191 and continue with normal routing.

Route 217 will follow these directions in reverse for southbound trips.


Operate regular route via Broadhead Rd, R South Commerce Rd, L Courtney Rd, R Highland St, L Entrance onto PA 22 East, Exit Rt 191 Nazareth Pike, R Nazareth Pike, Continue normal Route


Nazareth Pike/191 south, L PA 22 West, Exit Rt 512 North, R 512 Bath Pike/Center St, R Highland St, L Courtney Rd, R South Commerce Rd, L Broadhead Rd, Resume normal route

Route 319

For Northbound trips, Route 319 will truncate service at Brodhead & Commerce Way. The route will use South Commerce Way to loop around, and end at Schelden Circle.

For Southbound trips, Route 319 will exit Schelden Circle to Brodhead Road, and take S. Commerce Way to return to normal routing.


Operate regular route via Broadhead Rd, R South Commerce, Pass Courtney St on Commerce, R Broadhead Rd, R Schelden Cir to end of cul de sac, Take recovery after cul de sac


Exit Schelden Cir, L onto Brodhead Rd, Continue to regular route

Route 327

Route 327 Northbound will travel as far as Brodhead Rd. & Township Line Road. Buses will then turn Right onto Brodhead to end the trip at Shelden Circle.

On Southbound trips, Route 327 will exit Shelden Circle by turning Right ont Brodhead Road, and then returning to normal routing by turning Left onto Township Line Road and continuing to normal routing.


Operate normal route until Broadhead Rd and Township Line Rd, R onto Broadhead Rd, L to Schelden Circle to end route.


Depart Schelden Cir, R onto Broadhead Rd, L onto Township Line Rd, continue with regular route.

SERVICE ALERT FOR LANtaBus ROUTES: 102, 105, 108, 212, 604
Effective: Tuesday, 3/1/2016 until approximately November 2017

The Fahy Bridge in Bethlehem will be undergoing construction from March 2016 until November 2017. This multi-phase construction event with lane and weight limitations. To ensure consistency of service, LANtaBus routes will be detouring for the duration of the construction.

For information regarding which stops are impacted by the detour, click here.

See below for detour routing by route and heading.

  • Route 102 – Southbound routing from Broad & Guetter (BTC) will travel Broad to Minsi Trail Bridge, R on Daly, R on Founders, L on 2nd, L on Polk, L on 3rd to Sands Casino. Northbound will come out of Sands, L on 3rd, L on Minsi Trail, L on Broad to BTC.
  • Route 105 – SB routing from BTC, R on Broad, R on 3rd, R on 378S/Hill to Hill, get off on the 2nd Street ramp to Brodhead, L on 4th where it continues its normal routing down 4th to Spillman/Emery and down 412. NB routing will do normal routing but from 4th Street will go to Brodhead up 378/Hill to Hill to 8th Ave. L on Union, R on Main, L on North, R on Guetter into BTC.
  • Routes 108 and 212 – Northbound trips only using 378/Hill to Hill, off at Main Street exit, L onto Main Street and the R onto North, R onto Guetter to BTC.
  • Route 604 – Southbound routing from BTC going out Broad, R on Minsi to 3rd/Daly, R on Founders, L on 2nd, L on Polk, R on Columbia which becomes 2nd Street which becomes Riverside Drive. Northbound going Riverside down to 3rd St and retracing routing back to Minsi that it took Southbound.